White Beach Sand: Pros & Cons

Various types of sand can be used for landscaping and construction projects. However, there’s something extremely captivating about white beach sand that makes it extremely popular. This bright, white material is sometimes referred to as white mason sand, concrete sand, bunker sand or utility sand, but don’t be fooled – they are all one in the same.

If this popular material has sparked your interest, you may be wondering how it can be used and what the benefits of using it are. In order to make the right choice, you’ll need to understand what sets white beach sand apart from other products, how it can best be used and where to buy it.

This guide will address all of these concerns so that you can feel confident throughout the decision-making process. Find out everything you need to know:

White Beach Sand vs Other Sand Materials

When first looking at your different options for purchasing sand, the most obvious difference between white beach sand and others is the coloration. Both concrete sand and mason sand will have a brown or tan tint to them whereas white sand is brighter and has a bleached appearance to it.

This really has to do with the type of rock that is used to manufacture the sand. In the case of concrete or mason sand, the rock will depend upon the quarry where it was crushed, but is frequently comprised of a blend of gneiss, trap rock, limestone or granite.

White beach sand, on the other hand, is made strictly from crushed limestone which guarantees the lovely white coloration. Another difference is that white sand is extremely fine while other options tend to be courser.

Benefits of White Beach Sand

Many people choose white beach sand over other types of sand because it offers a lot of great benefits like:

  • Appearance – First and foremost, buyers enjoy the visual appearance of white sand. Instead of looking like standard brown sand, this material offers a shimmering, clean and attractive vibe. For this reason, white sand is frequently selected for projects where the sand will actually be seen. It evokes a sense of peaceful sand dunes or a beach oasis. Even after a great deal of use, the material will continue to maintain its looks.
  • Texture – The texture of white beach sand is another defining quality. Concrete sand has larger particle sizes and is made of harsher stones which gives it one of the most course textures of all sand products. While mason sand has slightly smaller granules, it’s the white sand that is finest. This property makes it very comfortable to walk and play upon. It makes the product very safe for children and can even be walked upon with bare feet.
  • Versatility – Finally, white sand is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of different purposes. This makes the material desirable to many different types of clients. Regardless of whether you’re looking to use the material for a home project, for play or for work, white beach sand will be able to meet your needs.

White Beach Sand Uses

You may find white beach sand being used for a wide range of different functions including:

  • Beaches – As the name implies, white beach sand is frequently used along shorelines. Many city and county parks will elect to purchase this type of sand to line the beaches of their rivers and lakes in order to create a comfortable and beautiful setting for those wishing to swim, boat or simply soak up the sun during a picnic. Even homeowners will often invest in white beach sand in order to create an attractive shoreline around residential ponds and other water features.
  • Volleyball Courts – Outdoor volleyball is a very popular pastime for many athletes, and sand is one of the most comfortable and shock absorbent materials available to make gameplay possible. The white color of the sand makes it very attractive while the texture creates ideal conditions for game time.
  • Golf Course Sand Traps – A round of golf would be nothing if it weren’t for a few different challenges. Sand traps or bunkers are an essential part of any game. Golf courses are designed to be beautiful and peaceful, which is a primary reason why white beach sand is so desirable. At the same time, the fine particles create perfect conditions for challenging gameplay.
  • Sand Boxes and Play Areas – Children love to play in the sand. For years, young ones have enjoyed digging into the material and letting it run through their fingers, or spend hours creating castles and small cities. White beach sand is the perfect texture for sensory development and will create less mess than other darker products. White sand is also a great pick for constructing a surface for residential or city playgrounds. Sand is highly shock absorbent and can allow for safe and stimulating play.
  • Gunite Pool Construction – White sand is an essential ingredient in the construction and installation of gunite swimming pools.

Tips for Purchasing White Beach Sand

Once you’ve made the decision to work with white beach sand, it’s important that you know how to find the best materials at the lowest prices. While white beach sand is typically a bit more expensive than other types of sand, there’s no reason for you to overpay for the materials.

Although you may be able to purchase bags of white sand from large retailers, you should consider your other options first. Big box stores don’t manufacture their own products which means that they are not only able to guarantee the quality of the product, but they will also be required to charge you more for it in order to make a profit for themselves.

In addition to this, major stores often don’t offer bulk delivery services. You’ll also want to rule out the idea of buying from an online vendor. If the price of the materials seems too low or too good to be true, it probably is. Many online sellers have no idea where their sand originally came from, so you’ll have no proof of its quality or integrity.

White Beach Sand in NJ & NY

The smartest thing that you can do is to track down a well-established and local supplier of construction materials like Braen Stone. We’ve been in the industry for more than 100 years and are proud to manufacture our own white beach sand directly from our NJ quarries.

We are passionate about producing sand that has been washed clean so that it is safe and practical for use in any sand-related project. Our team of experts is qualified to provide you with helpful advice on choosing the appropriate type of sand for your needs and accurately calculating what quantity to purchase.

Our sand materials are available at competitive wholesale rates and are available for pickup or bulk delivery throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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