5 Tools Every Contractor Who Spreads Rock Salt Should Be Using

Now that the winter season is upon us, the importance of spreading rock salt cannot be overstated. Millions of people across the nation will be faced with icy streets, parking lots, driveways, and even sidewalks that increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries. The spreading of rock salt has a tremendous effect on the nation by considerably reducing roadway accidents, reducing personal injuries, and saving money.

When a freeze cycle hits, it is necessary that you’re ready for it, both as a common citizen and as a contractor. One question that contractors must ask themselves is whether or not they have the right tools for the job. Since rock salt often plays an essential role in the safety of others, we thought it would be a good idea to outline the importance of proper tools and what types of tools a contractor will require, depending on the situation.

The Necessity of Having the Right Tools

Contractors who have toiled for years at their profession know their jobs like the backs of their hands. Of course, any good contractor understands that he or she is only as good as the tools they wield. When you’re spreading rock salt, having the right tools at your disposal can mean the difference between doing an outstanding job and one that doesn’t quite meet your high level of quality. Plus, working with the proper tools simply makes spreading rock salt an easier task to accomplish. While any such task will take knowledge and expertise, even the very best contractor won’t get very far without proper tools. So, what are those tools? We have broken it down to five essential tools that every contractor who spreads rock salt should be using in their task.

Tailgate Spreader

If the job at hand includes removing ice from largely accessible areas such as roads and driveways, then you must have a tailgate spreader on hand. A quality tailgate spreader will allow for an adjustable spread path so that a contractor only needs to make a single pass in order to effectively treat the affected area. These spreaders contain a heavy-duty motor housed in a sealed motor chamber, ensuring the longevity and robustness of each unit. A good tailgate spreader will provide an even flow of rock salt without the need for expensive vibration kits or auger add-ons. This type of unit simply must be a part of every contractor’s “tool kit.” Without it, the bigger jobs will be much more difficult to pull off.

Push Spreader

The next type of tool that a contractor will need for spreading rock salt is a push spreader. This type of unit works in exactly the way it sounds – as you push it along, rock salt is spread across the ground to melt the ice. These units are not for use on roadways and driveways. Rather, they are effective for de-icing areas that a vehicle often can’t easily reach such as sidewalks and other small areas. A good push spreader will feature large, pneumatic wheels that make it easy for a contractor to push it through snow and slush. There will be also be a flow regulator on the handle so that you can control the spread as you push it along. And, as you might expect, it features commercial-grade alloy gears contained within an enclosed gearbox to protect its machinery from the elements.


A pile of snow can be a huge deterrent for most people when it comes to de-icing their driveway or an access road. A qualified contractor, however, won’t have that problem because he or she understands the importance of having a good plow at their disposal. A plow is great for large areas where snowfall makes getting to the ice more difficult. Once the plow clears the snow away from the area, then you can get start spreading your rock salt.


Yes, the inclusion of a shovel amongst a contractor’s tools is quite obvious, but since it’s an essential item, we’re certainly not going to leave it out. What’s great about a shovel is that it can be used anywhere at any time, with absolutely no restrictions. It doesn’t require any form of power except maybe a little elbow grease – and we certainly know you have plenty of that to spare! While you clearly don’t want to use a shovel on huge jobs, especially given the amount of time and energy you would need to expend, you can’t deny that it will get the job done in many situations. That being said, a shovel can be used in big jobs as a kind of cleanup tool once  a plow has moved most of the snow.


Buying loose rock salt in bulk is always the best plan for a contractor to ensure that you have more than enough ready to go during the winter months. The problem is that this rock salt must be stored somewhere and kept safe throughout the year. Not to fear, though – this is an easy task to accomplish with the use of a tarp. By covering the salt you’re keeping in a storage space with a tarp, you’ll save money and simplify your planning for the next winter season.

Ordering Bulk Rock Salt in New Jersey

While any time of the year is a great time to buy rock salt, the winter season is when you’re actually going to get the most use out of it. Braen Stone can assist you with selecting the proper type and amount of salt that will fit your needs throughout the season, and will answer any inquiries that you have about materials or implementation of those materials. We have been a reputable supplier of bulk ice-melting materials for many years, and our customers could not be happier. Our experts proudly serve the Tri-State area and offer a wide selection of products at competitive pricing.We deliver rock salt and other materials throughout the areas of New Jersey, New York, New York City, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern Connecticut.

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