Is Pea Gravel Safe for Dogs?

While you may love your pup, you may not love the havoc that he can wreak on your yard. Many homeowners have experienced the disasters that occur when their dogs wear down patches of grass, dig holes, create soil acidity problems after frequently doing their business in the same spots and other similar issues.

To remedy problems like these, people often turn to alternative landscaping methods such as pea gravel or crushed stone.

Spreading pea gravel is one of the most popular materials for preventing property damages but it’s also one of the safest options for your pet. In recent years, a growing number of homeowners have discovered the benefits of using pea gravel for dogs but also how it created and beautiful and functional landscape.

Uses of Pea Gravel for Dogs

There are a wide range of reasons for why homeowners might want to use pea gravel for dogs. One of the most common complaints of pet owners is that their four-legged friends have a tendency to trample down certain areas of the yard.

It’s not uncommon for a dog to enjoy following a “favorite path” to certain areas of the yard. You might also notice that your dog likes to pace the perimeters of your property along the fence line. This is because dogs are notoriously territorial and want to guard their home. Unfortunately, these habits damage grass and other plant life.

The good news is that old dogs can learn new tricks. If a pea gravel trail is used to cover these unsightly areas, the dog will still gravitate to his usual spots and can be trained to stay the course.

Another major issue that dog owners experience is related to the acidity of their pet’s urine. Many animals relieve themselves and “mark” the same locations again and again, burning the grass and creating imbalance in the soil’s pH levels. In this case, the pup should be trained to go to a designated area. Pea gravel is an excellent option because of its drainage properties.

Pea Gravel Safety

In addition to looking great and being easy to maintain, pea gravel is safe for your beloved pets. The smooth, round nature of the pebbles make them comfortable to walk on. The stones remain relatively cool when subject to sunlight, but can also be hosed down for added cooling. And don’t worry about Fido swallowing a rock; pea gravel is too large for a dog to attempt to swallow it whole and too hard for it to desire chewing on the pebbles.

Tips & Best Practices

In order for you (and your pet) to get the most benefit from pea gravel, here are a few smart tips:

  • Protect Plants – If you don’t want your dog to walk on certain areas around plants, it’s advisable to not situate pea gravel near gardens, flower beds or other sensitive locations. If your heart is set on it, though, consider using some sort of fencing to keep your pooch away.
  • Keep It Cool – Generally speaking, pea gravel will remain relatively cool to the touch on its own. Even when the sun beats down on the stones, they should remain safe for your dog’s paws. Even so, you may feel more comfortable spraying down the gravel with a hose on especially warm days to improve the coolness factor.
  • Use Landscaping Fabric – Placing a layer of landscaping fabric beneath pea gravel will prevent weeds while still promoting drainage.
  • Use Pea Gravel Along With Other Landscaping Materials – If you want your dogs to learn to stick to pea gravel paths when patrolling your yard or doing their business, it’s not wise to use pea gravel for other landscaping endeavors. Use traditional mulch or larger stones around planters and gardens, and use a distinctly different type of stone, pavers or other materials to construct a patio. If you’re really set on pea gravel throughout the property, block off “forbidden zones” with fencing or other barriers.

Purchasing Pea Gravel for Dogs

If you believe that pea gravel might be the right solution for your property, get in touch with the experts here at Braen. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific project requirements, how much material to plan on purchasing and tips for introducing pea gravel to your landscape. Our pea gravel is available at wholesale prices for pickup or bulk delivery throughout NJ, NY and PA.

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