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Stone products are an invaluable commodity for people from all walks alike. Contractors, landscapers, homeowners and businesses all have the need for reliable, quality stones at one point or another. When this need arises, it’s important to have a stone supplier that you can count on for a consistently superior product on a budget you can afford.

As the largest stone supplier throughout NJ and NY, Braen Stone is able to meet all of your demands, going above and beyond the call of duty to serve you. See for yourself why we’re the stone supplier that NJ residents trust the most.

Family Owned & Operated Quarries

One of the main things that sets Braen apart from other stone suppliers is that we are family owned and operated. This is an important thing to demand in a stone supply company because having the ability to react and service the customer at a moments notice provides a competitive advantage.

At Braen, we’re able to guarantee consistency in the quarrying process from excavation to crushing and finishing the materials. We can also readily provide you with spec information on which quarry the stone originated from and a typical gradation of the material.

This can help you make the best decision with regard to which materials to use for your project. Finally, because we manufacture our own stone, we’re able to cut out the middle man and offer the lowest and most competitive wholesale pricing to our customers.

Owner Operated Plants

Going hand in hand with the value of operating our own quarries, Braen Stone is also happy to own and operate asphalt and concrete recycling plants. We take the time to carefully manufacture high quality asphalt, as well as recycling old asphalt and concrete. We take pride in processing recycled materials so that they live up to the highest standards.

Massive Inventory

So what is it that makes us at Braen so confident that we’re the largest stone supplier in northern NJ? It all boils down to our extensive inventory as well as our ability to suit any specification with proper notice. Our team of experts works hard to manufacture a wide range of different materials that are safe and reliable for use in an array of projects so that we can act as the “one stop shop” for all construction product needs. Some of the materials we offer include:

  • Crushed Stone – Braen Stone manufactures crushed stone in sizes ranging from 1/4″ up to 2 1/2″. This makes it easy for you to find the correct size to get the job done right. We are more than happy to talk to you about your project so that you’re sure to walk away with the right sized stone for your needs. Crushed stone can be used as a base material, for portland cement and ready-mix cement production, as a filler, for surfacing drives and walkways and for general construction applications.
  • Gravel – Gravel is one of the most popular materials that we manufacture and sell here at Braen Stone. We sell both standard and pea gravel to meet an array of different needs. The most common uses for gravel include the surfacing of roads, driveways, parking lots, paths and patios as well as incorporation into drainage systems.
  • Marble Chips – Marble chips are frequently selected for use in both decorative and functional applications because they are so attractive and offer a unique look for landscapes of all varieties. The durable stones are often utilized in the surfacing or edging of paths, walkways and patios but can also be used to surface driveways, as an alternative to organic mulch, as tree circles or even in water features.
  • Quarry ProcessQuarry process is extremely useful as its jagged edges combined with a mixture of stone dust help the materials to adhere well together and create a foundation or surface that cannot be moved or shifted out of place. It’s frequently used as a base material but can be used on drive or road surfaces.
  • Riprap – Prevent soil from eroding on sloped land by making use of high quality riprap stone.
  • Stone DustStone dust is ideal for creating a compact and densely packed base layer. The stone dust is able to fill voids between other stone materials which helps them to bind together.
  • Stone Grits – Stone grits are frequently chosen to help improve traction on slippery surfaces, but can also be used in the manufacture of paving stones.
  • RCA/RAP – Many people enjoy making use of recycled materials like recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in lieu of other virgin crushed stone products. Not only are recycled materials more environmentally friendly, but they are also more affordable. The old materials are screened and crushed down to aggregate size where they can be used as a base material for heavily trafficked surfaces.

Superior Customer Service

When it comes to selecting the right stone supplier, customer service is critical. Often times, customers are not completely sure about which type of stone will meet their specific needs or which will work best for a particular project.

The best stone suppliers will employ knowledgeable, courteous and friendly team members who are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions while providing you with valuable insights and advice. Quality customer service also means offering help with determining what quantity of material you will need to buy in order to finalize your project.

Finally, the best stone suppliers will be flexible as they work with you to accommodate your delivery needs.


As you look for a stone supplier, you should pay attention to how long they have been in business. The Braen Family has been in the quarry business for more than 110 years. We have built our legacy based upon providing stable, reliable, high quality services to our customers and it has paid off. When you work with us, you know you can count on the fact that you will always receive the help that you need, as well as the best construction materials on the market.

Reliable Bulk Delivery

Whether you’re working on a home landscaping upgrade or a major commercial construction project, having the ability to fully rely on your stone bulk delivery service is extremely important. Late deliveries can really hold up your project, costing you time and money.

Rude, inflexible drivers can also create major problems for you. Having your materials dumped off wherever the drivers see fit can create a lot of extra work on your end. It’s important to seek out a stone supplier like Braen Stone that is willing to work with you to drop off your materials in a place that is most convenient for you.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of selecting the very best stone supplier. Braen Stone is the largest and most trusted supplier throughout parts of NJ, NY, PA and CT. Get in touch with a stone specialist today to discuss your needs for your upcoming project.

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Dirk is a Project Manager at Braen Stone. He's an expert on a variety of construction materials and prides himself on helping the company meet the needs of companies large and small.