How To Find Bulk Rock Salt Suppliers NJ

In New Jersey and other states in the U.S. where temperatures drop dramatically during the winter season, the use of bulk rock salt becomes a very serious issue. This is often due to the possibility that snow and ice that has accumulated on the ground may present a potential injury situation. This can occur on hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks, but it’s also a possibility on grass and softer areas.

The first step to prevent ice and snow on your property is to find a reliable bulk rock salt supplier in NJ. Many homeowners and business owners struggle with this, because they’ve been disappointed by online retailers that claim to be knowledgeable about the industry but unfortunately know very little about it. To help ensure that you find the best bulk rock salt supplier in NJ possible, let’s discuss a step-by-step process you can use to find a great supplier and get the rock salt you’ll need for the season.

Step 1: Ask People You Trust for a Recommendation

The first thing you should do when you’re on the hunt for a reputable bulk rock salt supplier in NJ is check with family and friends to see if they know of any company that they would recommend. You can also check with co-workers or business associates. The idea here is probably rather straightforward. If anyone you trust can recommend their own supplier, then you’ll probably have good luck with them, too. Ask about their experiences such as the quality of their service, the expediency of the delivery, and anything else you’d like to know.

Step 2: Check Online Reviews of Suppliers

Even though you definitely shouldn’t turn to the internet for purchasing bulk rock salt because online retailers won’t have the expertise of industry suppliers, it’s a great place to get a good feel for any bulk rock salt supplier in NJ that you’re considering. Look for reviews on sites such as Google or even just do a search with the company’s name and the word “review” after it. Just make sure that you don’t simply look at a number rating but take the time to read the comments from their customers. This will give you a better idea of each person’s experience and whether a bad or lukewarm review was due to something out of the supplier’s control.

Step 3: Look into the Supplier’s History a Bit

This is another step where you can turn to the internet for assistance. You can start by checking out the supplier’s website and reading the About Us section or wherever the company has listed its history. This should give you a good idea of how many years the company has been in business, along with a few pertinent facts about the supplier. Another route to take is to conduct a Google search on the company, which should take you to some completely unbiased information.

Step 4: Check the Supplier for Ample Inventory 

The last thing you want is to deal with a supplier that can’t provide you with an order of bulk rock salt when you need it most. Although there are rare instances where a winter is a lot harsher than anyone predicted and a supplier may run out temporarily, these extreme situations are very few and far between. Ask the supplier for some kind of assurance that if you need more bulk salt before the season ends that the company will be able to provide you with whatever you need in a timely manner.

Step 5: Get the Supplier to Calculate Your Needs

When a materials supplier has been in the industry for a while, they learn how to tell the amount of bulk rock salt that will be needed almost by instinct. However, keep in mind that they will need to know the total square footage of the areas that you want to cover. Plus, if you have any specific concerns, then those will be important factors that you’ll need to relay to them.

Step 6: Have the Supplies Delivered or Pick Them Up

A good supplier will be able to provide you with the option of either pick-up or delivery. The advantage of picking up bulk rock salt is obviously that you won’t need to pay any shipping costs, which can save you a good amount of money, especially if you need a large amount of de-icing material. But, if you don’t live in the same area as the supplier, you’ll need to have the rock salt delivered. In this case, the supplier should be able to offer competitive rates not only on the rock salt itself, but also on the shipping costs.

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