Highway Resurfacing

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No roadways in the United States are more traveled and more abused than the roadways throughout the state of New Jersey. Keeping them safe, is a priority. Braen Stone is proud to have partnered with Della Pello Paving Inc. on the Pavement Preservation Contract North 2016-1.

Braen Stone received an award at the 2017 NJAPA Annual Asphalt Pavement Awards for this project. It won in the category: Resurfacing of a State Highway or Toll with a Thin Overlay and a Minimum of 5,000 Tons of Asphalt Pavement.

Project Details

Braen Stone supplied 10,000 tons of High-Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO) which was laid on the north and southbound sides of Route 23. The purpose of this job was to perform preventative maintenance to the roadway, helping to extend the life of the highway.

Prior to paving the highway, the job required a lot of prep work including micro milling at the transitions, which are the joints in the road where the new roadway meets the existing roadway.

The roadway is a high traffic area, therefore, the working hours are restricted. As a result, the project was completed overnight. After working on the job for nine nights, the highway resurfacing was complete.

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