Driveway Gravel Types

Gravel driveway installations have been on the rise in recent years. Homeowners are interested in driveway materials that are affordable, easy to maintain and that will afford them the opportunity to express their creativity and unique sense of style.

Because gravel is a plentiful commodity that comes in a variety of colors, sizes and textures, it’s a perfect fit.

Whether you’re dreaming of a long gravel drive or a crushed stone round-about, you’ll enjoy flexibility and freedom throughout the planning and installation process.

As an added bonus, you’ll find that keeping your driveway looking and functioning great will require minimal effort. To help you transition from simply thinking about a gravel driveway to actually installing one, here’s a closer look at the different driveway gravel types that you might be interested in.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone of various sizes are probably the most commonly recognized of all driveway gravel types. Depending on the quarry where the crushed stone was manufactured, the gravel could be comprised of various stone materials and sold by the cubic yard or by the ton.

Following specific standards set forth by ASTM, crushed stone is crushed down to size, screened and washed.

Generally, smaller sized crushed stone pieces from 1/4″-3/8″ are used for gravel driveways. This particular type of gravel is readily available and is extremely affordable. It’s usually characterized by a neutral color palette featuring grays, whites and tans. Crushed clean stone is also known for its excellent drainage properties.

Pea Gravel

Of the different driveway gravel types, pea gravel is one of the most unique. Homeowners tend to fall in love with pea gravel because it offers a very smooth, sleek texture. The rounded pea-sized stones are soft and easy both to walk and drive upon, making it a top pick for front drives. Another big draw of pea gravel is that it features a wide range of different colors.

Depending on the load, pea gravel may include shades of brown, tan, red, white, gray and blue-gray. This blend of various hues can help to create a soft, earthy landscaping theme or even set the tone for an elegant, European-inspired setting.

Although pea gravel tends to be slightly more expensive than standard crushed stone, those who choose to incorporate the material into their driveways feel it’s well worth the investment.

Marble Chips

Some homeowners looking for a modern more clean look have chosen to utilize 3/8″ marble chips also known as mini marble chips to surface their driveways. These attractive gravel pieces are easily recognized for their white and gray coloration, as well as their highly reflective surfaces.

This particular characteristic causes the stones to appear to glisten or “sparkle” in the sun. Not only is this visually appealing, but it can also reflect excessive heat away from the property on particularly hot, sunny days.

Purchasing Gravel Driveway Materials

When buying materials for your new driveway, it’s important that you work with a stone supplier that provides a variety of driveway gravel types. In order to install the front drive of your dreams, you need to have options to choose from and a team of experts that you can count on to provide you with sound advice.

Braen is proud to manufacture high quality crushed stone and gravel at our quarries throughout NJ. After more than a century in the industry, we’re more than capable of helping our customers to select the perfect gravel, other required materials and to assist them with the process of calculating their coverage needs.

Our gravel is sold at wholesale prices and is available for pickup or for bulk delivery.

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