Where to Buy Crushed Stone for Bulk Delivery at Wholesale Prices in NJ & NY

Crushed stone is one of the most versatile landscaping materials on the market. It provides a unique look for a variety of different projects, including driveways, walkways, mulch replacement and drainage in your yard. With so many different uses, this material is always in high demand.

If you’re looking for crushed stone for your project, where to buy crushed stone has to be a big question on your mind. Many outlets sell the stone but few can match the service, price and convenience of a company that sells crushed stone for bulk delivery at wholesale prices.

Options For Buying Crushed Stone

Let’s take a look at some options you have when purchasing crushed stone. The following list is an example of outlets that sell the stone:

  • Landscapers and Contractors – These will provide good service and offer design and build services that you may or may not need. They will also take care of having the stone delivered to you. All this comes with an extra price tag though. As the middleman, they will inflate the prices on the crushed stone making you pay more.
  • Garden Centers and Nurseries – These also provide great service and great advice for you. While a few may deliver smaller quantities of stone for you the great majority are not capable of handling big quantities for delivery. Either you will have to transport the material yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The cost of the crushed stone at these places is marked-up as well.
  • Big-Box Stores – Stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s offer crushed stone in bags. These stores carry large quantities of bags but not loose stone. Having to deal with many bags for your project is just not practical. Another drawback is that you pay for the stone but you also pay the freight costs to get the bags to the store. The markup on this stone could range as high as 400 percent. This makes purchasing crushed stone from these stores impractical for projects that require bulk crushed stone.
  • Craigslist/Online Ads – There is a plethora of items for sale online these days. Crushed stone can be purchased by this method. The drawbacks to buying crushed stone online are you don’t know what you are getting. The size of your stones and quality of your purchase will be unknown until it is delivered and if it’s not to your liking you will then have a big issue. Also, you will not know who you are working with if you deal with someone online. You are not sure if you are dealing with a reputable company or if you are making a deal for the stone that may be stolen and not up to quality standards.

As you can see the options listed above are preferred options to purchase crushed stone for bulk delivery. In some instances you may get great service and even some help in designing and building your project but they all come with costs.

Buying Crushed Stone for Bulk Delivery

The easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to buy crushed stone for bulk delivery is to call your wholesale stone provider. Braen Stone has been a leading expert in the industry for five generations. We know the construction materials industry and can give you the best price and the best service for all your crushed stone needs.

Braen Stone will deliver the stone right to your project. The cost of your project is not inflated by any middleman and you can be certain that Braen Stone only works with the best-quality materials to ensure your project looks great.

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