The True Cost of Using Crushed Limestone in Your Project

Crushed Limestone CostAs one of the most versatile stone materials available on the market today, limestone is in extremely high demand – namely, crushed limestone. Depending on the quarry, crushed limestone may be found in different colors and shades, all of which are extremely attractive.

Paired with its strength, durability, and practicality, crushed limestone has become a “go-to” material for landscaping, home-improvement, and construction projects.

As an added bonus, the stone aggregate can be very affordable.

Most customers are concerned about the cost of crushed limestone. Although they know that the material is desirable, they want to have the ability to plan out their budget and make sure that the money that they invest in crushed limestone will be worth it – both immediately and for the long run.

Even though crushed limestone is generally sold by the cubic foot or yard at set prices, you’ll find that crushed limestone costs will actually vary based on several different factors.

To more accurately calculate how much you’ll need to spend on your next project, take a look at some of the variables that can impact your total crushed limestone cost.

Personal Needs & Desires

Everyone will have their own unique requirements and desires which can impact your total crushed limestone cost. When constructing a crushed limestone driveway, path, or walkway, for instance, some homeowners might prefer to apply a deeper layer of stone than others. This will require you to purchase more material. In addition, the shape of your proposed project area will make a difference.

In some cases, a winding path or abstractly shaped surface will require you to utilize more stone than for straight paths or standard shapes. You may also have your heart set on the specific hue you’d like your crushed gravel to be. If this requires the stone to be delivered from an outside location, you may spend more to have that particular stone shipped to you.

Your Crushed Limestone Supplier

Although you’ll find multiple suppliers who sell crushed limestone, it’s important that you do your research in order to get the most value for your dollar. When you compare pricing between chain retailers and a direct stone supplier, like Braen Stone, you’ll almost always find that big box stores charge more for the same material.

This is because these stores don’t operate their own quarries and don’t manufacture their own stone. If you’re looking to keep your crushed limestone cost as low as possible without sacrificing quality, working with a supplier like Braen Stone is the smartest option. Braen Stone owns and operates several quarries across NJ, ensuring the highest quality materials at the best prices.

Your Location

Limestone doesn’t naturally occur everywhere throughout the world. In some places, the material is very expensive because it’s highly valuable but difficult to access. Here in NJ, we’re fortunate enough to have a supply of limestone that’s readily available. Because the material can be excavated here in NJ, you’ll want to take care to find a local supplier, as this will result in the lowest and fairest pricing possible.

Limestone Delivery

If you’re unable to haul crushed limestone on your own, you’ll need to consider your delivery options. Renting a truck can be very expensive – especially since you also have to pay for mileage and gas.

You could also hire an outside party, but in many cases, these individuals are working without the proper licenses and insurance. If injured on the job, you could be held liable.

To avoid these issues and keep your costs low, it’s wise to seek out a supplier, like Braen Stone, that offers bulk delivery services. Suppliers that offer bulk delivery will likely be able to offer the fairest rates to your location and will likely have a reputation for excellence.

Crushed Limestone Maintenance

In order for you to reap the full benefits of crushed limestone and ensure that it serves you well in the years ahead, you need to take a little time to care for the material. Each crushed limestone project will require different maintenance techniques, so be sure to speak with a professional about how to tend to your limestone.

Using Crushed Limestone in Your Project

For many contractors and homeowners, the beauty and benefits associated with crushed limestone make it well worth the initial investment. If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of using crushed limestone and believe that it will improve your property or project, the end cost will be well worth it.

While it’s true that you’ll only be able to determine your crushed limestone cost by breaking down the factors unique to you, the true crushed limestone cost is irrelevant if you’re happy with the end result.

We recommend speaking with a local supplier, like Braen Stone, to discuss your upcoming crushed limestone project.

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