Where to Find Certified Clean Fill Near Me

When it comes to construction and landscaping, you can’t rely on just any fill dirt to get the job done. Although all dirt may seem like essentially the same thing on the surface, there are some materials that are of a superior quality than others.

Because fill dirt needs to be safe and reliable, it’s very important that you know where to go to buy high-grade and affordable clean fill. So what should you be looking for in clean fill and where can you go to find it in NJ? Read on to learn more.

What is Clean Fill Dirt?

Before we proceed any further, let’s take a few moments to define what clean fill dirt actually is. After all, the terms “clean” and “dirt” don’t necessarily seem to go together, do they? While dirt certainly isn’t “clean” by the traditional definition of the word, dirt can be purified and cleansed of any contaminants.

Virgin fill dirt is essentially just the extra earth that was obtained from either a commercial or non-commercial source to be used for construction or landscaping purposes. The material doesn’t need to be conducive to growing vegetation, and it doesn’t need to be decorative, so when left untreated, the dirt is raw and can be chunky and filled with debris and other non-earth materials.

In fact, some “unclean” fill dirt may feature dangerous debris and chemicals including corrosives, combustibles, reactive materials, radioactive substances, organic matter (which can cause shifting and settling), metal, or other harmful materials.

In the case of clean fill dirt, on the other hand, all of these materials are safely removed from the product prior to sale. This means that your fill dirt will be completely safe and that it will not move around and cause sinking or shifting over time.

Before purchasing fill dirt from just any seller, however, you should be aware that anyone can actually claim to be offering clean fill dirt in your area, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. You’ll need to go a step further in order to verify that your materials are, indeed, up to the standard that you deserve.

Certified Clean Fill Dirt

This brings us to the question of how to verify whether or not a seller’s claims to offer clean fill dirt are accurate or not. Fortunately, this is a simple task. When buying fill dirt, it’s important that you understand the difference between saying that dirt is clean, and being able to certify that it is properly cleaned.

Fill dirt that has been certified clean is the only type of fill that you can rely on for safety and integrity. When the material is certified clean, it will be purified against any harmful chemicals or compounds, and it will also be guaranteed to be free from any organic material that could cause problems for you over time.

Where to Buy Certified Clean Fill Dirt

Although you can probably find cheap fill dirt for sale online, or even from vendors alongside the road, we urge you to think twice before going this route with your purchase. While the prices may be tempting, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Not only can unclean fill dirt be extremely dangerous from a chemical standpoint, the material can also cause harm and damage to your property if it contains organic matter that could decompose and cause shifting throughout the years.

It’s in your best interest to look for a reliable manufacturer and supplier like Braen Stone that is able to offer 100% certified clean fill dirt in your area. Because we manufacture our own fill dirt, we are able to answer any questions you may have about the processes used to produce our fill dirt, and we can always guarantee the quality, consistency, and integrity of our materials.

Uses for Quality Clean Fill Dirt

When fill dirt is certified as clean and pure, it can be used for a wide range of practical purposes throughout your landscape or construction job site. When fill dirt is free from contaminants and organic matter, it can be counted on to create a firm, reliable foundation that will hold its position throughout the years, without the risk of setting or moving out of place.

For this reason, it’s often selected as a material for creating a base for structural foundations. In addition to this, clean fill dirt might be used to build up hills or slopes in otherwise flat landscapes or to fill in holes and gaps in the ground. Fill dirt can also be selected for backfilling purposes.

Buying Clean Fill Dirt in NJ

Braen Stone is the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction materials like clean fill dirt in NJ and its surrounding areas. For more than a century, we have been recognized as the most trusted industry source for safe and reliable fill dirt.

Our certified clean dirt is always available at the lowest and most competitive wholesale prices around. Give us a call to learn more about picking up your order of clean fill dirt from our NJ locations, or having it bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC, and in limited parts of PA.

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