How to Use Clean Stone Grits for Your Next Construction Project

Stone grits may not be the hottest selling item in the world of construction and landscaping, but that doesn't mean that this aggregate material isn't valuable. Although not terribly glamorous, stone grits are a very practical and affordable solution for many project needs. If you believe that stone grits could benefit your upcoming construction work, [...]

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Clean Stone Grits for Sale & Bulk Delivery

Although perhaps not the most glamorous material, washed and clean stone grits come in handy for property owners and contractors throughout NJ and the northeast. The small, aggregate size and grainy nature of the grits make the stone practical, functional and even decorative. Could clean stone grits be the right material for your upcoming project? This post will tell [...]

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Choosing a Rock Salt Alternatives Supplier

Everyone knows that rock salt offers a fast, effective means of melting snow and ice during the winter months. Despite its many merits, though, there are home and business owners who find themselves searching for rock salt alternatives - either to supplement or replace the traditional sodium chloride. While there are many suppliers that carry rock [...]

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How Much Do Rock Salt Alternatives Cost?

It may be hard to believe, but summer is winding down at last. In just a few short months, we'll all be packing our shorts away for the colder months in favor of scarves and sweaters. Although you may not be mentally prepared for the change of seasons, it's never too early to start making [...]

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The Best Rock Salt Alternatives: Sand & Stone Grits

To steal a commonly quoted phrase from "Game of Thrones", winter is coming. Sure, you may still have a few months before the snow starts to fall, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't start thinking ahead and making preparations now. After all, waiting until the last minute is what has cost many contractors, homeowners [...]

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Rock Salt vs. Stone Grit

As winter weather continues to slam the northern New Jersey area, ice and snow melt products, particularly rock salt, has become in short supply. Consumers, both individuals and businesses, need to look elsewhere to find a good ice and snow melt product. One of the best alternatives that we have found is stone grit. It provides [...]

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