5 Benefits of Working with a Landscape Material Calculator

Buying landscaping materials is a bit of a science. Not only do you need to take the time to find materials with the right aesthetic, function and dollar value for your work, but you also need to know precisely how much to order so that you can get the job done right. If you're from [...]

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Where to Buy Sand in Bulk in NJ

Purchasing sand for a landscaping or construction project can be difficult and you may not know where to go to find it. Many NJ residents find themselves in this same predicament and unfortunately, that means that many people end up making poor buying decisions. There’s no need to go to a big-box retailer or through a [...]

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It Is with Great Sorrow That We Announce the Unexpected Passing of Harry Lutz

On Wednesday, September 6th, a loving wife lost her husband, two young children lost their father and we lost a valued member of our team. Harry will be greatly missed and remembered fondly. Harry joined Braen Supply in early 2013 as a regional salesman. He excelled at his career, driven by a natural competitive nature [...]

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How Much Does a Truckload of Fill Dirt Cost?

For many contractors working on construction projects, fill dirt is essential. The right type of dirt varies depending on the project, however when using fill dirt it's important to know how to choose and use it in order to enjoy all the benefits. As fill dirt experts, we'll help you determine how much a truckload of [...]

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One Quarry Job Creates Nearly Five Others

As a family owned and operated business, Braen Stone believes in keeping customers informed with valuable information. This blog post by the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association explains the benefits of quarry jobs and the overall effect they have on the economy. The following post is an article by the National Stone, Sand & Gravel [...]

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Samuel Braen, Jr. Inducted into the NJAPA Hall of Fame

The New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the asphalt pavement industry leading to innovations in the production and placement of asphalt pavement, in the usage of asphalt as a paving material, and in the general advancement and recognition of [...]

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10 Questions to Ask Your Stone Supplier in NJ

When it comes to finding the right landscaping and construction supplier, you simply can't afford to leave a stone unturned. This means that you need to dedicate a bit of time to researching your options and finding the company that will take care of your needs on a budget you can afford. Do you know [...]

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What Are the Best Uses for Pea Gravel?

If you’ve ever seen pea gravel, chances are that you’ve been taken with its beauty. This particular type of decorative stone gets its name from its small, round, pea-like shape, but you can expect the gravel to feature a wide range of colors beyond pea green. In fact, pea gravel is recognized for shades including [...]

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Stone Delivery: What to Look for in a Company

When you’re planning a project with natural or manufactured stone, choosing the right materials for the work is only half the battle. In addition to selecting the product that reflects your personal sense of style while meeting all of your functional and practical needs, you also have to figure out how you’re going to get your [...]

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Your Guide to Finding the Right Crushed Stone Size for Your Next Construction Project

Crushed stone comes in all shapes in sizes! That means that when planning your construction projects, you can't just assume that one size will fit all. Instead, you have to recognize that differently sized stone aggregate materials are simply better suited for some jobs rather than others. Knowing the key differences between the various types of [...]

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