Where Can I Buy Stone Dust for Bulk Delivery in NJ & NY

If you’re working on an outdoor gardening or landscaping project, there’s a good chance that you may find that you need to buy stone dust. Sometimes referred to as stone screenings, stone dust is essentially just an extremely fine layer of stone that has been pulverized through aggregate processing.

This useful material possesses unique qualities that make it ideal for numerous applications. Here’s a simple outline of what stone dust is used for, how it is priced, and the best places to buy it.

Common Uses for Stone Dust

Homeowners, contractors, landscapers and other parties may need to buy stone dust for a wide variety of purposes. Stone screenings are commonly utilized for:

  • Base Material – Stone dust is perfect as a base material for leveling paving stones, patios, walkways and pathways. Although other alternatives may be utilized, stone screenings are preferred because they are far easier to work with and to grade. After the material has been entirely graded and compacted, it can actually be walked on directly as a user lays down stones, bricks or other pavers.
  • Recreational – Stone screenings are also great in recreational applications. For example, stone dust may be used as the flooring of a horse arena or other outdoor arenas, as bike paths or walkways in city parks.
  • Soil Remineralization – Another common use for stone dust is the remineralization of soil. Stone screenings work to return minerals to the soil which may have become lost as a result of erosion, leaching or over-farming. The Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration Centre (SEER Centre) has conducted research that has revealed that stone dust can help soil to retain moisture, improve cation exchange capacity, helps with soil structure and drainage and can provide calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium to the soil. It is believed that when these minerals are replenished, the soil becomes healthier, and thus, the health of crops and plants is improved. In addition, it has been found that when stone screenings are mixed with compost, extremely fertile soil is produced.

Stone Dust Prices

When you are planning to buy stone dust, you should understand that price will vary, based upon where you choose to purchase the material. Although it is possible to purchase stone dust from big chain landscape supply stores, you will find that prices may be inflated, as these retailers must purchase the stone screenings from a manufacturer and then resell it at a higher rate in order to make a profit.

Attempting to buy stone dust from an online solicitor may be risky. In many cases, these sellers offer low-quality products, and the stone may not be crushed fine enough to be effective. Because of this, it is always in the best interest of contractors and those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects to buy stone dust directly from a reliable manufacturer who develops the product at their own quarry/quarries.

Where to Buy Stone Dust in NJ & NY

The best place to buy stone dust in New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas of the northeastern United States is Braen Stone. With multiple quarries in New Jersey, Braen Stone is one of the leading producers and suppliers of stone screenings in the Tri-State area, and is proud to always manufacture a consistent, high-quality product for its customers at competitive wholesale rates that aren’t available elsewhere.

Our stone dust is available for both pickup and bulk delivery throughout the New York Metropolitan area for your convenience. Expert drivers are prepared to accommodate your specific delivery requests.

Save money and stress by buying stone dust from a reputable, established manufacturer.

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