What Contractors Are Saying About Bulk Rock Salt Suppliers NJ

Thanks to the harsh winter season that many New Jersey homeowners and those in other states must deal with every year, it’s difficult to get through the colder months without a good deal of rock salt. This material has been used for many years as a way to melt the ice in your driveway and other spots of pavement or asphalt, and even some other locations that can become iced over as the temperature drops.

Contractors who deal with landscape design understand the importance of finding a reputable supplier who won’t let you down when it comes to providing not only rock salt when you need it, but will also deliver fantastic service throughout the process. To help make sure that your rock salt needs are being met, let’s take a look at what contractors are saying you should watch out for when selecting a materials supplier in your area.

Find a Local Rock Salt Supplier

The first thing that contractors think you should do when you’re in need of rock salt is to get in contact with a local supplier. You can find many places online to purchase rock salt and other materials, but choosing a local supplier will ensure that you’re working with someone who knows the type of area you live in and will be very aware of your rock salt needs. You certainly don’t want to put your trust into a supplier who has never dealt with laying down rock salt themselves.

History of Industry Service 

Startup companies are great, but any time you’re purchasing materials to be used at your home, you want to make sure that a supplier has the expertise that’s required to truly understand your needs. In addition to having several years of experience in dealing with landscaping materials, the materials supplier that you choose should also be connected with trustworthy contractors in case you don’t already have one or are looking to make a change. Although contractors will sometimes take a chance on a new company that shows promise, they’re much more likely to work with one that has already been established for a number of years.

Pick Up and Delivery Available

Whenever you’re dealing with any type of company, flexibility is often a key ingredient as to whether or not you choose to do business with them. Contractors understand the importance of a materials supplier who provides their customers with different ways to purchase their product. In addition to being able to ship the materials directly to your home, you should also stick to a supplier that has a physical location so that if you live in the area, you can actually have the convenience of picking up the materials. Plus, you’ll be able to discuss any landscaping needs in person with someone who has experience in the field.

Large Stockpile of Materials

Unlike taking on a landscape project, the use of rock salt at your home is often something where time is of the essence. Basically, if the winter season is in full effect and you run out of rock salt, and you need more, you simply can’t wait weeks or months for a delivery. That’s why it is essential that a rock salt supplier has enough inventory to cover your needs right away, so that you can handle the harsh weather both effectively and efficiently. Although shortages can occur when an especially harsh winter hits, a great supplier will typically be able to anticipate these needs and keep plenty in stock.

Treated and Untreated Salt

When you’re in the market for rock salt, you have the choice between treated and untreated. Rock salt that has been treated with magnesium will last longer and work in colder temperatures. However, untreated rock salt is much less expensive, which is why many homeowners choose to go that route. If you’re going to do business with a materials supplier, make sure that they carry both types of rock salt, depending on your specific situation and personal preference.

Lots of Satisfied Customers

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. When a materials supplier has been in business for several years, there’s a very good chance that they are reputable and trustworthy. But, what you truly want to look for is a series of customers who have utilized their services and been happy with the results. You can certainly check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against them or even turn to Google to look through customer reviews, but you can also ask the supplier to provide you with a quick list of customer references.

Superb Customer Service

We’ve all had bad customer service experiences, and that’s certainly not something you want to deal with when you’re in need of an essential material such as rock salt. Contractors work with materials suppliers on a regular basis, and they’ve come to learn that there’s a huge difference in how any type of project goes, even one as simple as laying down rock salt, when you’re given superb customer service and when that service is lacking.

Reputable Bulk Rock Salt Suppliers NJ

No matter what temperature it is outside, it’s always a good idea to have some rock salt on hand so that you’re ready to handle the harsh winter season once it hits. Purchasing rock salt should always be done through a reputable supplier that you can trust. Braen Stone has been providing materials to New Jersey and other states for 115 years. When you’re ready to place an order for bulk rock salt, either visit our local facility or have materials delivered directly to your home throughout most of NJ, and parts of NY, CT, or PA.

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