Bulk Rock Salt Suppliers NJ: Finding A Supplier Near You

Residents of the colder states in this country have become accustomed to the use of rock salt once the temperature dips below a certain level. What may be a foreign concept to states that never truly have to deal with snow and ice on a regular basis is what most people throughout New Jersey and similar areas would consider business as usual. Every year, we’re forced to purchase bulk rock salt because if left untreated, our sidewalks, walkways, driveways, front lawns, and other areas can become covered by a thin layer of ice. This can become hazardous due to the possibility of a slip-and-fall accident, which is why spreading rock salt on your property is so important.

For most homeowners and business owners, it is almost always beneficial to purchase rock salt in bulk quantities. This is especially true if the area you’re covering is large or if the winter season is suspected to be harsher than usual. You’re going to need a reputable materials supplier when it’s time to place an order, but many people don’t know what to look for in a supplier. To help you make a decision on where to purchase your bulk rock salt when the times comes, let’s discuss the qualities that you should look for when searching for bulk rock salt suppliers in NJ.

History of Performance

Every bulk rock salt supplier must start somewhere, but it’s always better to obtain your supplies from a company that has been in business for several years. Although this might not seem like a huge deal, experienced suppliers will be better aware of how much rock salt you’ll need for your property, the different types that are available, which types would be best for your particular needs, how to apply it to different areas, and so forth. This will help ensure that all of your rock salt needs are taken care of throughout the season.

Familiarity with Affected Areas

Suffice it to say that you certainly don’t want to do business with a rock salt supplier in a place like Death Valley. Although there are probably some reputable suppliers in that area and other temperate climates, it’s always best to put your trust in someone who understands the need for a rock salt application from personal experience or from those in their circle of family or friends. In other words, you’ll be able to better connect with a supplier who can feel your pain in terms of dealing with the cold weather.

Offers Pick-Up and Delivery

Any company that offers the flexibility of either picking up materials at a local facility or having them delivered to your home or business should automatically rank higher than those that do not. If you’re able to pick up materials, this will save you money on delivery costs, which can sometimes be substantial when you’re required to cover a large area with rock salt. That being said, a good supplier will offer competitive pricing on delivery instead of attempting to make a large profit off of it.

Large Inventory of Materials

Although it’s always best to purchase more bulk rock salt then you’ll actually need and then store the rest until the following season, there’s a good chance that you will inadvertently run out. Maybe the winter was rougher than you thought it would be, perhaps your friend or neighbor was in desperate need of some, or it could just be a case of the busy season causing you to forget to place a new order. Because of this, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a supplier you will definitely have more rock salt on hand, if needed.

Knowledge of Various Materials

Rock salt isn’t the most complicated of materials, of course, and it’s not something that you use in the construction of a building or for landscaping purposes, at least not directly. However, it’s always a good idea to work with a supplier who has a vast array of knowledge of materials. For one thing, this will ensure that they are familiar with different types of surfaces used in landscaping projects and the fact that those surfaces may require rock salt to be spread during the winter season.

Customer Recognition

If you’re like most consumers or business owners, you probably prefer to frequent businesses that have a good reputation from their patrons. Putting your trust in a materials supplier is absolutely no different. You may not be able to find most suppliers on something like Yelp, but you can always ask the supplier for references if you’re not sure what their reputation is all about. Any reputable supplier will have no problem whatsoever providing you with the contact information of a few references so that you can check them out yourself.

Responsive Customer Service

Purchasing bulk rock salt from a supplier should be a simple, painless transaction. From your first contact with the supplier to completion of the order and beyond, you should get the feeling that you are an important customer, whether you’ve ordered from the supplier multiple times or if this will be your first purchase with them. Every step of the way, expect nothing less than the utmost respect, and any of your questions or concerns should be responded to professionally and in quick order. 

Purchasing Bulk Rock Salt in NJ

The first step in preparing for your rock salt needs during the winter months is to search for reputable bulk rock salt suppliers in NJ. Braen Stone has been assisting contractors of New Jersey and other states for over 115 years with all of their materials needs. We have added landscape design to our expertise, which means our staff will assist you in creating your project, deciding on certain aspects of it, choosing the materials you need, and finding you a reputable contractor. For bulk rock salt and other materials, either stop by our local facility or set up delivery to your home or place of business throughout parts of NJ and limited parts of NY, CT, or PA.

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