Bulk Road Salt NJ: Will There Be A Shortage This Year?

In past years, New Jersey residents have become concerned that they could end up experiencing a rock salt shortage for the year. The stress they feel is understandable because without bulk road salt NJ, it becomes more difficult and often more expensive to melt the ice that is impeding their daily activities, not to mention increasing the risk of injury because of slips and falls.

Although there’s no way to be absolutely certain of whether or not a shortage may occur, there are definitely a few factors that can help determine the possibility that supply may be running a little short. This will allow you the opportunity to take the proper steps to prevent being affected by the shortage. Let’s take a look at the possibility of a rock salt shortage and explain how you can get through it.

The Causes of a Bulk Road Salt NJ Shortage

In order to predict whether or not a bulk road salt NJ shortage will occur, you must first look at the most likely causes of a shortage. We’ve broken it down to three primary causes that you should be aware of:
Past Winter Conditions

Since rock salt manufacturers cannot predict the future, they will often base the amount of rock salt that they produce on the volume that was needed in previous years. Suppliers and retailers of rock salt will typically do the same thing, in terms of basing their orders on what was sold in the previous year or two. This means that if past winters haven’t been overly harsh, they could end up ordering too little if the current season is worse than before. As you might expect, this could lead to supply and demand problems, which could result in empty shelves and an overall shortage for the season.

Unexpected Weather Patterns

Although meteorology has certainly improved over the years, even the best weather forecasters can be wrong when attempting to predict the weather. Even so, millions of people every year base their activities upon what these forecasters tell us. Most of the time, this works out pretty well, but when it doesn’t, it can lead to numerous issues, and rock salt shortage is sometimes one of them. In the event that a winter is milder than usual, most people will rejoice and not have to worry about the bulk road salt NJ supply. But if a blizzard or other severe storm event occurs, this could lead to a shortage as everyone desperately buys out all the existing stock.

Supplier Cost

Whenever the cost of manufacturing rock salt increases, this results in an increase to the price for suppliers and retailers, as well. At some point, a store must determine whether or not they are likely to sell a certain amount of rock salt for that particular year, and if their potential profits are not likely to exceed the possibility of sitting on product that they can’t move, then they might decide to limit their quantities. If this happens, and then the weather turns worse than expected, then a shortage might occur.

Planning Ahead Each Year

The best thing you can do to prevent a rock salt shortage is to be prepared each and every year. Since we’ve covered three reasons why a shortage may occur, it’s only fitting that we give you three ways that you can prepare for a potential shortage:

Calculate How Much You Will Need

Figuring out a solid estimate of how much rock salt your property is going to require can seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually rather simple. The first thing to remember is that manufacturers provide specific instructions in the use of their rock salt that will help you calculate your needs. If that’s not enough, then check out the formula that we provide on our website to assist you further. Between these two things, you arrive at a pretty accurate estimate of the amount you should purchase.

Purchase Supplies Accordingly

You’d be surprised at how many homeowners and business owners perform the calculations needed as detailed above, but still won’t buy enough rock salt for their needs in a given year. Perhaps they think that it will be a waste of money or maybe they simply don’t have faith in the recommendations, but the results are all the same. Just remember that it’s always better to have a little more than you need then a lot less.

Make Sure to Use Proper Storage

As most people who purchase rock salt are fully aware, this material activates when it gets wet. This means that when you store your supply for the current winter or maybe even for next year if you have any left over after the season has run its course, you need to avoid any contact with moisture. This is important because moisture will make the rock salt unusable. Also, for the best results, be sure to store it above 32 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent clumping. If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Using Other Ice Melting Materials

Whenever we start discussing a potential rock salt shortage, the question inevitably comes up of whether or not a person should consider purchasing premium ice melt if a shortage was to occur. The answer to this question isn’t exactly easy, because it depends on your specific circumstances. Much of the time, premium ice melt is more expensive then rock salt, though that can depend on supply and demand. If a shortage occurs and you don’t think you can get through the season without some type of material to melt the ice, then you may want to explore this option.

Where to Buy Bulk Road Salt NJ

Braen Supply is always prepared for any potential rock salt shortage that may occur in a given year. We stock a sizable inventory of rock salt so that our customers never have to worry that they won’t be able to get through the winter season safely. Our materials can be delivered in bulk to NJ, NY, PA, and CT, and they’re always competitively priced.

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