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Let’s face it: wintertime in NJ can be pretty expensive. With plummeting temperatures come extremely high heating bills. With the winter holidays come lots of purchases for presents and holiday parties. And with icy and snowy conditions comes the need for rock salt. The good news is that rock salt doesn’t have to be a major contributor to your winter spending. In fact, there are ways to make sure that you have enough rock salt on hand to get you through the entire winter season without breaking the bank. Read on to pick up some smart tips for where to buy cheap (but not low quality) road salt during the winter season.

Factors Which Affect Road Salt Costs

Before you can accurately determine where to buy cheap rock salt, you need to have a basic understanding of what things can actually impact the cost of rock salt. For starters, the type or brand of rock salt that you choose to work with will certainly impact prices. Certain types of rock salt are specifically designed to work in colder-than-average climates, to be safe around pets or animals, or to protect vegetation. Make sure that you buy the right type of rock salt in order to ensure that you don’t over or under-budget. Next, consider that the source of origin of your rock salt will make a big difference. If you buy your materials online, you can expect lots of hidden costs and feed associated with shipping and transportation. Finally, the road salt supplier itself will play a role in how much a bag of rock salt costs. Suppliers that don’t have a primary focus on landscaping and hardscaping will sell rock salt on the side in order to turn over a tidy profit, but that means that the materials will likely be sold at inflated rates. This can really come back to bite your wallet in the long run.

Tips for Buying Cheap Bulk Road Salt NJ

Now that we know what impacts rock salt costs, we’re ready to explore ways to find a supplier that sells cheap and quality rock salt. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Locally Owned and Operated – Seek out a supplier that is passionate about landscaping and hardscaping in your locale. These locally owned and operated suppliers will be able to connect you with the very best materials at the lowest and most competitive prices possible.
  • Able to Help Calculate Your Needs – The biggest mistake that property owners can make when buying rock salt is to over or underestimate how much material they actually need to get through the winter. Either mistake could result in your spending a whole lot more money than you anticipated. When you buy too much, you end up with a surplus that can’t be used or returned. When you buy too little, you end up having to go back and order another supply halfway through the season. If a road salt shortage has occurred, prices will likely be much higher than when you originally bought your ice melt. In addition to this, buying piecemeal could mean that you miss out on lower bulk prices. To avoid these problems, we urge you to carefully measure the square footage of your total coverage area and review manufacturer specifications for how many pounds of rock salt to apply per square foot. Performing this simple calculation will give you a sense for how much rock salt you’ll need per freeze cycle. A great supplier will also be happy to work with you in order to help you perform the proper calculations to ensure that you buy the correct quantity of rock salt to get you through the season.
  • Product Variety – You should also be on the lookout for a supplier that offers a variety of road salt. The best suppliers will have a big inventory and a wide selection of materials that can be purchased by the bag, pallet, or truckload, as well as loose bulk rock salt. This will ensure that you’re able to buy exactly what you need in the precise quantity, thus enabling you to stick with the budget that you planned out in advance.
  • Bulk Delivery Services – If you’re buying in bulk (a great way to reduce your costs and maximize savings!), you’ll need to have a supplier who is willing and able to offer low-cost bulk delivery services within your coverage area. This will save you a whole lot of time and hassle and will keep your transportation and delivery costs at a minimum.

The Best Place to Buy Cheap Bulk Road Salt NJ

Braen Stone is one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of road salt in NJ and the Tri-State region. We take pride in offering the very best rock salt materials at low and fair prices – every day. We are happy to talk with you to discuss your specific road salt needs and to calculate how much material you should plan on budgeting for. Our rock salt is available for pickup or bulk delivery to many areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC, eastern PA, and southern CT. Feel free to visit us or give us a call for more information today.

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