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Geology and Mining in Society Merit Badges

Since its founding in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has maintained its purpose and mission to prepare youth to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders. Throughout the years, the Scout Oath and Law have served as the guiding light for BSA youth members.

Getting Started On Your Merit Badge

Interested in earning your Merit Badge in Geology or Mining in Society? Let your unit leader know! Your leader will give you a signed Application for Merit Badge (blue card).

Once you have your blue card, contact us and one of our Merit Badge Counselors will be in touch to set up an appointment with you and your buddy. When you come to the appointment, be sure to bring the merit badge pamphlet along with the blue card.

Boy Scouts of America Mining BadgeBoy Scouts of America Geology Badge

Earning Merit Badges for the Boy Scout Advancement Program

The Merit Badge Counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. As Merit Badge Counselors, we play a vital role in stirring a young man’s curiosity about mining and geology.

By serving as a Merit Badge Counselor, we offer our time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore these topics first hand at one of Braen Stone’s four quarries.

The Scouting program emphasizes helping young men develop character, citizenship, and mental and physical fitness. Among the handful of methods used to build on these aims of Scouting are adult association, leadership development, and advancement.

The Merit Badge Counselors at Braen Stone are here to help Scouts achieve this. As a Merit Badge Counselor, it is our mission to join fun with learning.

Our hands-on involvement is meant to inspire a Scout to develop a lifelong hobby, pursue a particular career, or become an independent, self-supporting adult.

Braen Stone Merit Badge Counselors

Braen Stone has three approved Merit Badge Counselors.

All three Merit Badge Counselors are registered in two districts. They are the Sussex District, Patriots’ Path Council, BSA and the Ramapo Valley District, Northern New Jersey Council, BSA.

We are Merit Badge Counselors for two Merit Badges, Geology and Mining in Society.

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    Mark Deighan – Safety Director
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    Jessica Panicucci – Marketing Coordinator

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PIT & QUARRY: Scouting the Future

Take a look at Braen Stone's feature in Pit & Quarry to learn more about our Boy Scouts of America Scouting Program and our experience as merit badge counselors.

"Braen Stone certified three of its employees to be merit badge counselors for both the Mining in Society and Geology merit badges last fall."