The Benefits of Buying Bulk Rock Salt In NJ

Winter is coming – have you given thought to your rock salt needs? Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a contractor, you are well aware of the fact that rock salt is essential to wintertime safety. The simple and affordable ice melting compound makes our roads, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks safe to traverse during freeze cycles, thus reducing slip-and-fall accidents and potential liability issues. But how much rock salt do you actually require in order to get through the season? Should you consider placing a bulk order of ice melt? What are the benefits of buying bulk rock salt in NJ? These and many other questions will be answered in today’s post.

How Much Rock Salt Do I Need?

Ah, the timeless question. If we’ve been asked once, we’ve been asked a million times:

How much rock salt do I actually need in order to get through the winter?” 

Fortunately, the answer to this inquiry isn’t nearly as complicated as you might initially think. In fact, determining how much rock salt you’ll need will only require a few key pieces of information. First, you should measure your coverage area in square feet. Next, you’ll need to figure out which type of rock salt or ice melt you plan on using for your property. Each manufacturer and type of rock salt will have its own specifications for how much material should be used for a given number of square feet. Read the manufacturer directions on the correct quantity of rock salt to apply for a given coverage area, and use that information to calculate your own unique needs. For instance, if you have an 800 square foot driveway and 400 square feet of sidewalk to cover (1200 total square feet) and the manufacturer specifies that you apply 3 pounds of ice melt per every 400 square feet, you will need 9 pounds of rock salt per freeze cycle.

In the case of loose bulk rock salt, the general rule is that you will apply one ton of rock salt per 64,000 square feet.

Do I Actually Need Bulk Rock Salt? 

The next question people want to know the answer to is whether or not they actually need to order a bulk quantity of rock salt. Consider the first example we gave for a home with 1200 square feet of driveway and sidewalk to cover. At first glance, this homeowner wouldn’t benefit from buying rock salt in bulk. After all, 9 pounds isn’t a whole lot of material when you consider that most bags of rock salt contain 50 pounds of ice melt. When digging a little deeper into the facts, however, it becomes clear that this homeowner will need a whole lot more than 9 pounds of rock salt in order to make it through the winter. According to, NJ experiences an average of 38 days of precipitation in the months of November through February. Because the temperatures are frequently below freezing during these months during part or all of the day, you can expect the potential for snow and ice formations about 38 days during the winter season. When we multiply 9 pounds of rock salt by 38 freeze cycles, we see that the homeowner will actually need 342 pounds of rock salt (7 bags) to make it through the cold season. Although this itself doesn’t justify buying a full pallet of rock salt, the costs are starting to go up for the homeowner enough that he might consider talking to a few of his neighbors with similar rock salt needs in order to go in on purchasing a pallet together. This can result in significantly reduced rates per bag.

Of course, many business owners, schools, hospitals, cities, and other organizations which manage large-scale properties will need to buy in bulk. The question then becomes whether you’ll need to buy your materials by the pallet or by the truckload. Again, we urge you to consider how much rock salt you’ll require per freeze cycle, and multiply that number by 38 freeze cycles in order to determine the right quantity to purchase.

What are the Benefits of Buying Bulk Rock Salt in NJ?

Those who do decide to move forward with bulk rock salt will reap the benefits of buying bulk rock salt in NJ. Here are some of the perks:

  • Reduced Costs – As mentioned previously, buying bulk rock salt will result in a lower cost per bag, overall. This means that you’ll have a little extra cash left over for spending on holiday gifts, or to save away for a rainy day.
  • No-Fuss Transportation – If you buy rock salt in bulk, you may not even have to worry about going out and picking up or transporting the materials back to your property. A great supplier will offer bulk delivery services, making your life much simpler.
  • Peace of Mind – You can’t put a price on having the peace of mind that no matter what Mother Nature throws our way this winter, you’ll be ready to handle it. Ordering a bulk quantity of rock salt will ensure that you’ve got the materials on hand to keep your property safe during your hour of need.
  • Avoid Shortage Crises – In previous years, NJ and its neighboring areas have been plagued by rock salt shortages. Those who make the decision to order in bulk before the season starts will not have to deal with the panic that ensues.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Rock Salt in NJ

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of buying bulk rock salt in NJ? The team at Braen Stone is here to help. We are a leading supplier of bulk rock salt in the Tri-State area and are more than capable of helping you to calculate your rock salt needs and get the very best deals on your bulk order of ice melt. We bulk deliver our materials to many areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC, eastern PA, and southern CT. Talk to one of our experts to learn more today.

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