When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Bulk Rock Salt In NJ?

As an NJ property owner, you know that rock salt is a “must have” during the cold winters. Rock salt is the best and most affordable way to melt snow and ice, as well as to protect your property against future snow and ice formations. But knowing that you need rock salt isn’t enough; you also need to know when the right time is to buy your materials. This quick guide will tell you the benefits of buying bulk rock salt in NJ and what you need to know about choosing the best time to purchase rock salt in NJ and the northeast.

The 3 Best Time of Year to Buy Rock Salt in NJ

Although rock salt is typically available throughout the year, there are better times than others to purchase your supply. Here are a few tips for the 3 best time to buy rock salt and the benefits of buying bulk rock salt in NJ and its surrounding areas:

  • 1. Before the Winter Season – It’s always in your best interest to buy rock salt early in the year. As we head into the fall months, this is the ideal time to start ordering your materials and stocking up. Although winter weather doesn’t typically begin until late November or December, there is always the chance that a hard frost or a freak storm could occur much earlier in the season. Those who buy rock salt earlier in the fall will be ready for anything that happens. In addition, you may find better deals and cost savings by purchasing off-peak season, and you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that there will be plenty of rock salt in stock for you to select from.
  • 2. Before the First Winter Storm – Too many NJ home and business owners make the mistake of waiting until the weatherman predicts the first major storm of the season. This is the time when everyone panics and rushes out to the stores in order to purchase rock salt. Unfortunately, this often means fighting traffic and dangerous driving conditions, as well as stores running out of their supply of rock salt. Ultimately, this could leave you without ice melt when you need it most. Making the decision to buy before winter weather occurs will allow you to stay safely at home during inclement weather while still being able to prevent snow and ice formations on your property.
  • 3. In Anticipation of All Winter Needs – It’s also smart to buy your entire winter supply of rock salt early in the season. Instead of just picking up bags or pallets of rock salt piecemeal, we urge you to plan ahead for the entire winter. In previous years, NJ has experienced rock salt shortages mid-season, which has left some property owners high and dry. Buying all of your rock salt now will ensure that you have enough to see you through to spring.

Tips for Buying Rock Salt in NJ

In addition to knowing when to buy rock salt for your property, it’s also important to know how to buy your ice melting materials. The following simple tips will help you to protect your property on a budget you can afford:

  • Buy for Your Needs – First, you’ll need to spend some time carefully assessing your unique needs for rock salt. Do you have children or pets who will be exposed to the rock salt? If so, you’ll need to choose and ice melt that is safe for these precious ones. Will elderly persons or people with mobility issues be traversing areas with rock salt? It could be smart to find ice melt in a flake variety in order to minimize tripping and slipping. Understanding what, exactly, you need to accomplish with your rock salt will help you to know which type of material you should buy this year.
  • Buy the Right Quantity – Being aware of when the best time is to buy rock salt won’t do you much good if you don’t know how much material to purchase. Take the time to measure your coverage area in square feet. Most brands of rock salt will specify how many pounds or tons of products should be used for given square footage. This will help you to calculate the correct quantity of bags or pallets you will be required to use per freeze cycle.
  • Arrange Delivery Services – Because most NJ property owners will require bulk volumes of rock salt, it’s a good idea to find a delivery service that can bulk deliver your ice melt at the time of purchase. Make sure that the delivery company is licensed and insured in your area, that it works within your locale, and that it employs safe drivers with a reputation for showing up on time – every time.
  • Store Your Materials Properly – Once you buy your rock salt, it’s important that you are able to keep it stored in a safe environment until it needs to be used later in the season. To prevent clumping, we recommend storing rock salt at temperatures above freezing. You will also need to keep rock salt up off of the ground and away from any exposure to moisture. Storage in a sealed container is always ideal.

The Benefits of Buying Bulk Rock Salt in NJ

Now is the time to place an order of rock salt at Braen Stone in NJ. As a leading supplier of rock salt and other ice-melting materials, Braen Stone is happy to connect you with a wide variety of efficient and effective products that will keep your property free and clear of snow and ice all throughout the cold season. We offer fair and competitive pricing on all of our rock salt, and are happy to help you calculate how much material you’ll need to purchase to get through the winter. Our team is qualified to answer any questions you may have about ordering materials or scheduling bulk delivery services throughout NJ, NY, NYC, eastern PA, and southern CT. Give us a call or visit our location to learn more today.

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