Asphalt In Sussex County: How To Find The Best Supplier

Asphalt has shaped communities, cities, and even entire countries for longer than most people can imagine. Without asphalt, even common projects like highways and roadways would simply not be the same. Sure, we could probably find some other type of material, but with the flexibility and ease of using asphalt, why would we ever want to? 

If you’ve been hired for an especially large project, such as a highway, it’s necessary that you get in touch with a reputable materials supplier who you can trust to help see your project through. There’s a lot of competition out there, of course, so it’s important to learn which attributes you should pay attention to most. Today, we’re going to cover what to look for in a supplier of asphalt in Sussex County.

Years of Industry Experience

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with startup companies. After all, every big business began as a startup in one way or another. That being said, since highway projects are so expensive, you’ll be better off if you work with a supplier with several years of experience to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Plus, you should also concentrate on industry experience, because ordering asphalt from a retailer the size of Walmart or an online outlet like Amazon won’t cut it.

Specific Knowledge of Asphalt 

Let’s elaborate a bit on what we just said about not going through a large retailer or online vendor where you can buy asphalt or other materials. Companies like that don’t have the desire or inclination to become experts with asphalt because, to them, it’s just one more thing that they carry out of many thousands of products. They won’t be able to answer any questions that you may have and won’t have the expertise needed to help guide you through the purchase of asphalt in Sussex County or your project as a whole. This is especially true with a highway project, because the types of asphalt used and the process that a contractor goes through are simply not in their wheelhouse.

Produces Their Own Asphalt

The best asphalt supplier is always going to be one that actually manufactures their own product. This allows them to maintain a high level of control to ensure that the asphalt consists of quality materials and great workmanship. This also means that they will be in a better position to ensure a proper level of inventory, as previously mentioned. And you can expect to pay less for the material since production at their own facility will cut out the middleman. It’s also a good idea to go through a supplier that maintains their own quarry. This amount of dedication will definitely pay off for your highway or roadway project.

Pick-Up and Delivery Available

A reputable asphalt supplier should have the flexibility to offer both pick-up and delivery so that you can get the material on your own terms and in a timely manner. Being able to pick up an order of asphalt, even though it may be a large amount, can save you the cost of having it delivered. Of course, since a highway project typically requires a great deal of material, you’ll probably be getting it delivered. Also, keep in mind that even if you don’t live in the same state or area where the facility is located, which means that pick-up isn’t feasible regardless, it’s always good to know that you’re working with a supplier who gives their customers a variety of options. And it goes without saying that the supplier should offer competitive delivery rates so that you can get the best deal possible.

Asphalt Inventory for Any Size Highway Project

Not having enough asphalt in Sussex County available for an agreed-upon project should never happen. A reputable supplier will understand the amount of asphalt that is needed for a highway project of any size and be able to provide the material accordingly. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that you are made aware of prior to beginning the project, you should expect the supplier to be able to deliver the proper amount in a reasonable timeframe. This factor can be extremely important because any delay in delivery can be very costly to to a contractor, especially on such a large project.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

There’s absolutely no excuse for you to have anything less than a stellar experience with a supplier from beginning to end. As soon as you contact the company for the first time, you should be given the impression that your needs are being cared for and that any questions or concerns you raise have been properly answered. Even though an experienced supplier will have completed similar projects many times and probably been asked the same questions that you need to have answered, you should never get the feeling that you were anything less than their most valued customer.

Great Reputation Within the Industry

Not only is it important that a supplier of asphalt in Sussex County has years of experience under their belt when taking on a highway project, but they must also have a great reputation in the industry. Many people turn to the internet to discover comments being made about any company they work with, and that is certainly not a bad idea when searching for a reputable asphalt supplier. Another route you can take is to contact the supplier and ask for a few references. This is especially easy when you’ve been contracted for a highway or roadway project, because a supplier can point out a particular project or two that you can check out on your own.

The Best Supplier of Asphalt in Sussex County

Braen Stone has proven itself as a reputable supplier of premium materials ranging from asphalt to aggregate stones and everything in between for the past 115 years. Our materials experts can assist you with every aspects of your highway or roadway project. All of our materials can be picked up at our local New Jersey location or shipped directly to you throughout most areas of NJ, and limited parts of NY, CT, and PA.

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