Asphalt In Sussex County: 9 Questions To Ask Your Supplier

Asphalt in Sussex County is a common material with a wide range of uses from residential driveways and bike paths to something a lot bigger such commercial parking lots and highways. You certainly can’t get very far before coming across an area of your community that has utilized asphalt in one way or another. It is without a doubt one of the most important materials in existence.

If you’re a contractor who’s planning a highway project involving asphalt in Sussex County, then one of the first things you must do is find a reliable supplier that won’t let you down. When you’ve chosen one that you can trust, it can make your project go smoothly by providing you with not just the asphalt itself, but with the confidence and integrity that you already bring to every job. To get you started, we’ve compiled several questions that you can ask a potential supplier to ensure that you get one who you can trust.

Do They Have Ample Industry Experience?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give a new company a chance to work with you, but you have to remember that the use of asphalt in Sussex County typically encompasses a big project when dealing with highways. Having experience definitely counts for something. There’s no precise guideline as to what you should consider to be ample industry experience, but at least a handful of years will definitely help.

Are They Particularly Familiar with Asphalt? 

Once you’ve been assured that a potential supplier has experience within the industry as a whole, you need to ask about their specific experience with asphalt. Having worked on previous projects involving asphalt, especially those of a larger size, will help ensure that your work with them goes smoothly from beginning to end. They should understand the different types of asphalt, how the overall project will play out, the care and use of asphalt once the project is completed, and other such details.

Will They Deliver Asphalt to Your Area? 

The best suppliers are the ones that offer a choice between pick-up and delivery. When it comes to a sizable highway project involving asphalt in Sussex County, there’s probably very little chance that you’ll want to have it picked up like you would rock salt or aggregate stone, even if your site is close enough to the supplier. The supplier should not only deliver directly to you, but should offer competitive rates and not rely on shipping costs as a profit stream.

Do They Have Landscaping Experience?

Even though a highway project may seem like simply laying asphalt in a straight or slightly curved line to those outside of the industry, there are landscape details that often must be considered such as nearby structures or vegetation. When the supplier you’ve selected also has landscaping experience, they will be better equipped to understand the intricate details of how the asphalt will integrate with the surrounding environment. And, if needed, they can offer suggestions on know how to make the project even better.

Will They Have Ample Asphalt Inventory? 

Highway projects are typically very big, which means having enough available asphalt must always be at the top of your list of priorities. It is imperative that your supplier be able to provide you with the amount of asphalt that you need in a reasonable timeframe. The last thing you want is to set a start date for a project only to realize that your source for materials is going to be short on supply. This is especially true with large projects like highway installation and repair because you are under strict deadlines and there’s a lot of money riding on the job. Also, keep in mind that the best way to ensure there’s no shortage of asphalt or any delay is to use a supplier that makes their own.

Do They Manufacture Their Own Asphalt?

The most reliable materials suppliers are those that have a facility capable of producing their own asphalt. The advantages of one-site production is that the supplier themselves will maintain full quality control, ensure better inventory and delivery, and be able to offer more competitive pricing. It’s even better when the materials they use to make the asphalt is taken from their own quarry.

Will They Assist You After Completion of the Project?

Suppliers should always be willing to engage with you throughout the entire project, of course, but they should also be more than happy to offer advice or answer questions after its completion. Although this is something that’s a bit hard to determine throughout the length of the project, if you later discover that they’re not as forthcoming with assistance afterwards, then you know not to use them again. However, you could always search for online reviews or ask for customer referrals to find out.

Can They Answer Your Questions Before the Project Begins? 

Whether or not this is your first asphalt project or if it’s something you’ve done several times, you’re very likely to have questions before the work begins. Many of these questions will probably be directed to your contractor, but you could definitely have questions for your supplier, as well. A reputable supplier will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the asphalt itself, the process involved, expedient delivery, etc.

The Best Place to Buy Asphalt in Sussex County

By asking the questions listed above, finding a reliable supplier of asphalt in Sussex County will be a whole lot easier. Braen Stone has been providing materials for residential and commercial projects for over 115 years. Either visit our facility in New Jersey or call us for advice. We will help you identify the needs of your project, decide which materials would be best, calculate how much you need, and then deliver the materials in a guaranteed timeframe so that you can begin your project with confidence. When you’re ready to begin your highway project, you can either pick up the asphalt locally or have it delivered throughout parts of NJ, and limited parts of NY, CT, and PA.


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