How to Find the Best Agricultural Lime Supplier

To prepare for the upcoming planting season, every homeowner wants to ensure that their flowers and vegetables grow healthily and strong. Agricultural lime, also known as aglime, can help to correct the pH levels in soil that has become acidic or has lost some of its valuable nutrients throughout the years. Regardless of how much of the material you’ll need in order to cover your planting area, it’s important that you’re able to enjoy the lowest prices possible, without sacrificing quality.

Armed with all of the information that we have put together here, you’ll be well-equipped to find the right agricultural lime supplier and ensure that the quality of the product they provide is top-notch.

Why Should I Use Agricultural Lime?

In some cases your soil may be naturally acidic, or lacking in important nutrients. In other cases, especially in commercial farming applications, the soil has become acidic after years of exposure and its nutrients have been depleted after multiple growing seasons.

Fortunately, agricultural lime is extremely efficient and effective in its ability to resolve these problems. In addition to raising the pH levels of acidic soil, aglime is an excellent source of both calcium and magnesium for plants. This helps the crops to thrive. The fact that the material is able to help improve water penetration in acidic soils also helps with plant heath and nutrient uptake, as the vegetation is better able to benefit from nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium found in the earth.

If you’re not sure if your garden or field could benefit from aglime, it’s fairly easy to determine your need. By conducting a soil test, you can discover the pH level of the earth and find out if the soil is deficient in calcium or magnesium. By speaking with an expert agricultural lime supplier, you can discuss what the proper pH levels should be for your soil, based upon the type of plant(s) that you are planning to grow in the area.

The right agricultural lime supplier can guide you through this process, provide tips to test your soil the right way and make sure you choose the right product so that your plants thrive.

The Traits of a Great Agricultural Lime Supplier

The following key characteristics should apply to every agricultural lime supplier you consider working with.

Extensive Knowledge & Experience

When it comes to purchasing agricultural lime, it’s always in your best interest to work with a supplier who has a solid background in the industry, and who is knowledgable about the products that it sells.

In order for you to actually enjoy the full benefit of introducing aglime to your planting area(s), you need to utilize the proper amount. When you purchase from an experienced agricultural lime supplier who has your best interests at heart, you can get reliable input and advice with regard to determining how much you need, how best to apply the material and how often you’ll need to utilize the agricultural lime.

Their Own Quarry

It’s important that you know where the aglime material actually originated from, as this will reveal the percentage of magnesium carbonate found in the stone. As a result, it’s smart to purchase from a supplier that operates its own quarries for excavating stone.

This will ensure that your agricultural lime supplier will have the most information about the soil conditions and the properties of the material, like its Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) or its Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (ECCE).

Bulk Delivery Options

In cases where bulk quantities of the material are required, getting the agricultural limestone to your location can be difficult. For best results, you should look for an aglime supplier who is licensed and insured to bulk deliver your order to your location. This is the safest, easiest and most affordable option for homeowners and businesses.

Wholesale Prices

Price should always be a consideration when you are evaluating an agricultural lime supplier. If you’re purchasing the material from a large chain retailer, you’ll find that the prices are more expensive than elsewhere. This is because the retailer is re-selling material that it purchased from a direct stone supplier. The smartest option is to buy directly from a local quarry that can offer competitive wholesale prices.

The Best Agricultural Lime Supplier in NJ

Braen Stone has been in the construction materials industry for 110 years and remains committed to connecting consumers with the materials they need at the best prices available.

That’s why we’re considered one of the largest suppliers of agricultural lime in NJ and NY. We’re able to meet all of the criteria as a superior supplier, as we own and operate our own quarries across NJ.

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