A Contractor’s Guide To Bulk Salt NJ

The winter season is now in full swing and that means people will be gathering around their fireplaces, cuddling up together, running their heat all night, and basically just trying to stay warm. This is also the season when residents of New Jersey and other cold states are forced to spread ice-melting materials such as rock salt in various areas around their property.

Ice build-up on surfaces around your home or business is something many residents simply can’t escape. Because of this, it’s important for contractors to understand the basics of the material so that they can answer any questions that might arise. Although we can’t cover everything that you might need to know, here is a brief contractor’s guide to bulk salt in NJ:

Why Bulk Rock Salt Is a Must for a Home or Business

As enjoyable as the winter season may be, it also brings danger along with it in the form of ice. Snow or ice that has accumulated on surfaces around your property present a slip-and-fall hazard that can be very costly to a homeowner or business owner. Although some people seem to think that this only affects hard surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways, it is also a problem in grass and other areas.

Purchasing Rock Salt in Bulk Is Usually a Necessity

For most residential and commercial property owners, purchasing rock salt in bulk is usually the most logical choice. Unless the property is very small, ample rock salt will be needed to cover any area that is prone to becoming iced over. If in doubt, it’s always best to buy a little more than you need and then store whatever you don’t use for the following season.

Finding the Best Bulk Salt Supplier is a Top Priority

Like all things to do with your home or business, you always want to find the most reliable company possible. When you’re in the market for bulk salt, using a reputable supplier should be your number one priority. Always use a supplier that fully understands the importance of applying rock salt and is well-versed in calculating how much a property owner is going to need based on both precise calculations of the recommended amount and the instinct that comes with working with the product.

Remember the Importance of Bulk Salt Inventory

Not being able to obtain rock salt during the winter season can create a hazardous scenario wherein people may get hurt by falling on the ice, which could cause liability issues if the person is a visitor. Unless there is a huge unforeseen circumstance, a materials supplier should never run out of bulk salt. This material is a basic necessity for so many homes and businesses that the supplier should have more than enough on hand for everyone’s needs. 

Keeping Your Children and Pets Safe from Bulk Salt

You may be asked by homeowners who have children or pets if rock salt is safe to use around them. Although this ice-melting material doesn’t have a high degree of toxicity, it may make children or pets sick if ingested. Do not spread the bulk salt in areas where your pet may ingest it. 

Knowing the Difference Between Treated and Untreated Salt 

Residential and commercial property owners have the choice between treated and untreated rock salt, so it’s a good idea if you know the difference. When we use the term treated rock salt, this means that it’s been treated with magnesium. This causes it to last longer but take effect less quickly. Untreated rock salt, therefore, would obviously not last as long but will act more quickly. The reason why many people choose treated over untreated is because treated rock salt is much less expensive.

The Need for Proper Storage of Bulk Rock Salt Storage

An important question that users of bulk salt often ask is whether or not any they don’t use during a particular season can be stored for later usage. As indicated in a previous section, the simple answer is yes, you can safely store rock salt rather easily. This means that if you order more than is required in a given season, you don’t need to simply throw away any extra that you don’t use. Just make sure that you store the rock salt in a place where it won’t be exposed to moisture, because if it gets damp or wet, the rock salt will merge together and become unusable.

The Most Reputable Supplier of Bulk Salt in NJ

This contractor’s guide should answer most of the questions you may have about bulk rock salt in NJ, but feel free to ask our experts any additional questions. Braen Stone has been serving the materials needs for New Jersey and nearby states for over 115 years.

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