6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bulk Salt NJ

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about the holidays, even though those are hugely important, too. We’re referring to the time of year when it becomes essential that you begin thinking of purchasing bulk rock salt in the state of New Jersey and in other especially cold areas.

Purchasing rock salt isn’t exactly rocket science, but since it’s such an important part of cutting down on the amount of snow and ice around your household or business, you must know as much about it as you possibly can. To give you a head start, we’ve outlined six things you need to know before buying bulk salt in NJ.

Rock Salt Helps Prevent Injuries

Purchasing bulk salt in NJ and other states is not typically a choice for homeowners or business owners. Rather, it’s an absolute necessity. A big reason for this is that certain surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks are susceptible to the accumulation of ice, which can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. In addition to keeping people safe, the use of rock salt will also prevent situations where you may be liable for injuries.

Amount of Rock Salt You’ll Need

Before purchasing bulk salt in NJ, you obviously need to know how much you’ll need for your property. This will depend on the total area that you need to cover, in addition to the type of rock salt that you choose to use. Luckily, this isn’t too tough. Simply take the area of each driveway, pathway, sidewalk, or other place where you’ll be applying the salt, add all of those numbers up to arrive at a grand total, and then either check the specifications on the bag or seek the help of a materials supplier.

How Much Rock Salt to Apply

In addition to knowing how much rock salt you’ll need to order for the winter season, as mentioned above, you also need to learn how much to apply to certain areas. The big fear is not applying enough, which means that you won’t be properly protected. There are a variety of types of rock salt for you to choose from, a few of which we will detail below, and they will often require different levels of application. Refer to the instructions on the bag or ask your materials supplier and you can’t go wrong.

Sooner You Purchase, the Better

Anyone who has lived through the winter season in one of the cold states in this country understands that the weather can often creep up on you and hit all at once. You may go to sleep with the weather being mildly cold and wake up to find that it’s snowing or that ice has formed on various surfaces outside. In order to be prepared, it’s always best to purchase bulk salt in NJ and other states before you actually need it. This will prevent any undue surprises that could lead to dangerous conditions. 

Bulk Salt NJ Orders Will Save You Money

Rock salt isn’t too expensive, but if you buy it one or two bags at a time, you could definitely end up spending more by the end of the winter season. Unless you have a very small area to cover, your best bet will always be to order bulk salt in NJ and other such areas. This will save you money, especially if your property has a lot of area that needs to be covered or you experience an especially long, harsh winter.

Leftover Salt Can Be Stored Away

When purchasing bulk salt in NJ and other states, many homeowners and business owners become concerned that they might overestimate the amount that they’ll need for the season and then anything they don’t use will go to waste. Luckily, leftover rock salt will last until the following season and beyond as long as you store it properly. The trick is to keep the rock salt in an area where it will stay dry because moisture will cause the material to clump together, which will make it unusable.

Purchasing Bulk Rock Salt in NJ

Now that you understand a few important factors concerning bulk rock salt, it’s time for you to pick some up for the winter season. For over 115 years, Braen Stone has prided itself on being the most reputable materials supplier in the state of New Jersey and beyond. You can pick up materials such as rock salt, asphalt and aggregates by stopping by our local facility or choosing delivery throughout parts of NJ, and limited parts of NY, CT, and PA.


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